About Us



  The safe natural way to maintain your pet's dental health. 

No sedative is used, just calm and gentle persuasion by our professional dental technicians.


We make dental maintenance safe, gentle & affordable

At EZ Pet Dental Care, your pet’s health is our priority. 

We believe that dental health is important for a pet’s overall well-being. Our anesthesia-free dental cleaning offers a GENTLE & SAFE alternative to help you maintain your pet’s oral health.


Our goal is to provide your pet with the best dental care and to educate you in the importance of home health oral care.

Our cleanings are performed by highly-qualified dental technicians. Your pet will be evaluated prior to the cleaning, making sure they are a suitable candidate for this procedure. 

During the procedure our technician will clean all surfaces of their teeth, including surfaces by the cheek and tongue. This procedure is done gently and patiently, ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort.

 After the dental cleaning, the technician will bring to your attention any oral abnormalities, and discuss an oral care routine that you can practice at home. 


Natural Follow-Up/ Home maintenance


Our Veterinarian Highly recommends VetzLife/ PetzLife to be used on a daily basis.  

VetzLife produces 100% All-Natural Oral Care products which help remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and helps control bacteria that causes bad breath.